On this page, you will find the downloads of the current version and the previous versions of the FIFA Connect Data. Full backward compatibility cannot be assumed. As such, when migrating to a newer version, service providers should inform its users about the migration, and reference them to the new version.

We are happy to announce a long awaited update of the FIFA Data Standard. Version 3.3 adds new fields (like “Popular Name” or “2nd Nationality“), extends some types with new values (e.g. “VAR” as a new role of a Match Official and “ClubTrainingCategory” as a new field in the PlayerRegistrationType) and corrects all typos. See the section below for the full list of changes.

Users who are integrated with FIFA Connect ID Service will be happy to know that new versions of all SDKs have already been prepared to take the new Standard into consideration. The next step is for all users (mostly Member Associations) to upgrade their SDKs. All the information about the upgrade process may be found here.

Release notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.3


  • [FCI-2728] – As an MA I want to be able to send person details with “Undefined” as a value of “Nationality”
  • [FCI-2495] – As an MA I want to be able to send person details with “Undefined” as a value of “CountryOfBirth”
  • [FCI-2954] – Make field PersonFIFAId required (person details message)
  • [FCI-2797] – As MA I want the FDS to support new Match Official roles: VAR and AVAR so that I can register persons with those roles
  • [FCI-2542] – As TMS I want the MAs to include ClubTrainingCategory in Person Details messages so that I can construct players passport for the purpose of Clearing House
  • [FCI-3091] – As an MA I want to send & read “2nd nationality” (optional) so that I know & share more information about a player
  • [FCI-3092] – As an MA I want to send & read “Popular name” (optional) so that I know & share more information about a player


  • [FCI-2469] – Change FIFA_ID definition in FDS (10–>7 chars, regex)
  • [FCI-2985] – Fix the property name ISO3166CountyCode to ISO3166CountryCode
  • [FCI-3165] – Corrected typo: MatchOffical –> MatchOfficial (multiple places)

Release notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.2.1


  • [FCD-27] – Add South Sudan, Curacao, Kosovo to list of countries
  • [FCD-28] – Add Montenegrin language to list of languages

Release Notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.2

New Feature

  • [FCD-24] – Add BirthName to LocalPersonName and LocalBirthName to LocalPersonType
  • [FCD-25] – Add PlayerRegistrationNatureType to PlayerRegistration


  • [FCD-21] – Change documentation of Registration elements so that a Player can also be registered to club and MA organisation
  • [FCD-22] – Replace Nationality attribute with FIFANationality/MemberAssociation on Match and CompetitionRole Types
  • [FCD-23] – Change Date Type so that it doesn’t include time zone.

Release Notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.1


  • [FCD-10] – Change Date field in MatchInternationalData and CompetitionInternationalData to DateTime
  • [FCD-11] – Add Home and Away club FIFAId and FacilityFIFAId on SimpleMatchInternationalType
  • [FCD-12] – Change attribute InternationalCode on CompetitionTeamInternationalType to MemberAssociation and create enumeration
  • [FCD-13] – Use CompetitionNatureType as definition of the Competition. Add FIFAId InternationalName InternationalShortName to the Element
  • [FCD-14] – Rename core.xsd -> generic.xsd
  • [FCD-15] – Rename stakeholder.xsd -> registration.xsd
  • [FCD-16] – Move all football types from generic to registration xsd
  • [FCD-17] – Move registration list types from scenario to registration xsd
  • [FCD-18] – Implement Disciplinary model
  • [FCD-19] – Add support for FUTSAL and beach soccer in competition model
  • [FCD-20] – Change American to English spelling (Organization -> Organisation etc.)

Release Notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.1-rc1


  • [FCD-4] – Refactor LocalizedString type into LocalNameType that contains Name and ShortName attribute
  • [FCD-5] – Add PopularName to the LocalPersonNameType
  • [FCD-9] – Change NationalIdentifierNature enumeration so that continental system’s ID could be used

New Feature

  • [FCD-8] – Prepare first version of XSD and XML examples for Competition and Match

Release Notes – FIFA CONNECT DATA – Version 3.0.1


  • [FCD-1] – ISO639-2 language code – remove duplicates


  • [FCD-2] – FootballStakeholderType – make element names consistent
  • [FCD-3] – Include additional content in standard bundle (source classes, documentation)